Here is a tutorial on how to use the PowerPoint feature Photo Album found in PowerPoint versions 2002/2003, 2007 and 2010.

Photo Album is a feature that allows the user to create very quickly a multi-slide PowerPoint presentation of pictures (usually photo files for the typical user).

Power Tips!

Organize the photos you plan on using in a folder on your hard drive. Remember its location!

Also...file size is important. Many high pixel cameras create a large file size for each photo (my Nikon 8800 creates a 5 million byte file at the highest .JPG setting).

If you have a folder with 100 photos at the large megabyte size, you may overwhelm the memory capacity of your PC (and PowerPoint) while using the Photo Album feature.  For best results scale down (lower the file size) the photos in the target folder. You can do this individually in a free graphic program called Irfanview (see my scaling tutorial).

To scale many photos at once you need a more powerful program. I use The Graphic Workshop to select and scale many photos with one step to a smaller size more suitable for PowerPoint.

Now...on to PowerPoint and the steps to create a fast photo slideshow!  

1a. In PowerPoint 2007:

On the Insert tab of the ribbon click on the button Photo Album > New Photo Album...

1b.  In PowerPoint 2010: Open PowerPoint and click on Insert on the top menu bar. Next select Photo Album...

1c.  In PowerPoint 2002/2003 : Open PowerPoint and click on Insert on the top menu bar. Next click on Picture and finally select New Photo Album...



The rest of the steps are virtually the same for all versions of PowerPoint (2002-2010) with some minor changes:

2. on File/Disk...

3. Browse to the photo folder on your hard drive. Click your mouse in a white area next to a picture to prepare the folder for full selection.

4. Use the keyboard and press two keys at the same time and release (Control and the A key). This should select all the photos for insertion into PowerPoint.
Click on  Insert button to add the folder of pictures into your PowerPoint Photo Album.

5. The next Photo Album menu window allows you to make some choices and edit photos if desired (text, remove photos, brightness, rotation, number of pictures on each PowerPoint slide). If you don't want to make any changes simply click on the Create button.

6. Done! Now you can rename the first slide if desired in the textbox and your presentation is ready for display. To add sound see my next tutorial Looping Sound in a PowerPoint slideshow.