CCleaner Tutorial:

Download the file from here:


I use the Piriform link to download the file.

 As of late January 2012 this is the file you want to save:

Click to install the file...pick all the defaults. I highly suggest you install Google's Chrome browser if you don't have it already. And Firefox.

Why? Because if Internet Explorer gets damaged you will need another browser to download a fresh copy of Internet Explorer! It's your spare key to getting on the Internet!!.

 I recommend very PC user install and have available three web browsers...they are free and each has advantages over the others:


IE 9 for Windows 7 users, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Get IE 8 for XP users.


After installing Ccleaner run it and I suggest if you have any inkling you may have minor spyware issues you leave every box checked below and run it that way one time. Always use these fully checked settings on an infected machine!  Cookie files are frequently infected by trojans! Cookies can be useful and they can also get infected. You can rebuild them easily after your machine is clean. Don't leave infected cookie files uncleaned.


The files initially checked by CCleaner are ALL expendable.

Later after you know the machine is clean you can leave some more useful temporary files unchecked (see tips below).


Run CCleaner once a day and you will stop a lot of bad stuff from building up in Temp folders...adware and useless junk alike.

Once you know your machine is spyware free set the settings as below....uncheck Cookies, History, Recently Typed URLs, Recent Documents (which means the shortcut links saved by Windows for those docs, not the actual docs!), Run, and Search Autocomplete.

See below for my recommended settings AFTER your machine is clean of trojans:


One final tip...CCleaner has options to clean the Registry. I do not recommend the use of that feature as you may delete important registry items. So use the Brush icon cleaner only, not the Registry blocks icon. The Windows Registry DOES NOT NEED cleaning by novices! Period. It will work fine with thousands of orphan entries...they create a negligible effect on Windows performance. If your machine needs registry help ask a pro or back up your data and do a clean install of Windows. That can do wonders to fix years of problems that built up in the Registry files.

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